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Portable RFID Scanner Propels Modern Logistic Management to a Fire-new Stage

Owing to the superiority of portable RFID scanner with small and carry-home volume, better function and lower cost, the market demand of handheld RFID scanner has been expanding rapidly. Currently, in the wake of the remarkable improvement of economy and technology, portable RFID scanner has been applied in every walk of life, especially in each corner of logistic express industry. Thus, as a leading professional RFID tech products developer and producer, DAILY RFID has newly released the latest portable RFID scanner series, which are specifically planned for automatic logistic management.

Portable RFID Scanner Surely Becomes the right-hand man of RFID users in Warehouse Management

Along with the unceasing expansion of enterprise scale, the warehouse management has been very tanglesome and diversified. Thus, the next generation RFID products, Portable RFID Scanners have surely become the right-hand man of RFID users in warehouse management. And DAILY RFID, one of most professional and trustful RFID manufacturers in China, has also launched the Portable RFID Scanner series in order to expand the use of RFID technology in more fields.

UHF Portable RFID Scanner DL770 - industrial RFID Handheld for Mobile

DAILY RFID has newly come out with a latest industrial portable UHF RFID scanner DL770. Combined with the function of Wi-Fi and GPRS, this UHF handheld RFID scanner features a practical mobility for mobile solution.

Designed as mobile computing device, this portable/handheld RFID scanner DL770 provides wireless network connectivity so tagged object is easily traced as the DL770 moving to scan throughout the operations. Consequently, this wireless RFID reader writer allows real-time data capture and transfer to a host computer simultaneously.

Palm-sized Portable RFID Scanner for Transportation

DAILY RFID has released the palm-sized portable RFID scanner DL710 for transportation, especially in airport. By using the HF handheld scanner, the accurate check-in information can be uploaded to a secure Web site or computer management system in real time, as the DL710 supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPRS data transmission.

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