rfid asset management tags

RFID Asset Management Tags – the Vital Tools of Impelling Asset Management Modernization

At the moment, RFID asset management tags based on RFID technology have been diffusely applied to identify, track and manage fixed assets. Combining the handheld and fixed data acquisition terminal readers with flexible RFID asset management tags, organizations can easily accomplish the daily work in the process of checking and managing the fixed assets.

2013, RFID Asset Management Tags Achieve the Newest Level of Efficiency In Asset Tracking

Contemporarily, highly efficient assets tracking is a crucial target for lots of users in various fields like the stock room, organization, airport hangar, etc. And the advanced RFID asset management tags have driven asset tracking operation to be simplified. With the ID number, each RFID asset management tag can be quickly read in an area via assisting the fixed asset tracking software and reconcile the asset counts between material object and book value.

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