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Mifare Ultralight RFID Cards Help the Automated Access Control to Take a Big Step Forward

Nowadays, Mifare Ultralight RFID Cards have become the super excellent technical choice for the global most contactless smart technology products along with the rapid growth of RFID technology. And as well, Mifare Ultralight RFID Cards have also been one of the most successful platform in the automated toll collection field. Odd-come-shortly, DAILY RFID, a leading professional RFID tech products manufacturer, has also released a series of Mifare Ultralight RFID Cards, which offers the cost-effective solution for easy and convenient personnel identification and access control.

RFID Keychain Cards are Ubiquitous among Authentication and Access Control Applications

Nowadays, RFID keychain cards have been used into lots of access control fields as security has gradually been considered to be one of the most crucial problems in modern society. Due to the advanced RFID technology, RFID keychain cards can play significant value in identifying and protecting the safe of users’ information. In order to achieve higher efficiency, DAILY RFID, a leading professional RFID products manufacturer, has newly released a series of RFID keychain cards that are specifically designed for access management applications.

125KHz RFID Cards Make Big Contributions to High-Efficiency Access Management

As the early RFID products, 125KHz RFID cards have become gradually stable and mature in the wake of the rapid development of RFID technology. Meanwhile, on the basis of the automated RFID tech, access control system has made fast progress, and 125KHz RFID cards also play an essential and crucial part in promoting the efficiency of access management. In recent days, DAILY RFID, a leading professional RFID tech products manufacturer in China, has also unveiled a series of smart 125KHz RFID cards, which makes a great contribution to the high-efficiency access control.

Smart RFID Cards for Different RFID Applications Released by DAILY

As one of the most professional and trustful RFID readers or tags manufactures in the world, DAILY RFID has released a series of Smart RFID Cards with different shapes, sizes, frequency or colors for different RFID applications, such as access control, pets tracking, employee ID, student ID and logistics. By showing irregular shapes, these smart cards attract massive numbers of customers to select for different RFID systems.

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