rfid gate reader

RFID Access Control System with accurate, fast identification rate

DAILY RFID has launched a hands-free RFID access control system based on its latest RFID Gate Reader DL8220 and 13.56 MHz cards or key fobs. This gate access control system offer high accuracy and fast identification rate, thus making it perfect for passageway where identifying a product, asset or staff location is important.

RFID Access Control can be easier with Gate Reader

DAILY RFID has released its new RFID Gate Reader DL8220 for RFID access control application. Its RF channel width can be up to 120cm, allowing enough room for a person to pass through, thus enabling hands-free, walk-through access control for ID badge identification.

DAILY unveils Long Range RFID Gate Reader DL8220

DAILY RFID has released its new HF RFID Gate Reader DL8220, an integrated RFID device with channel width up to 120cm, specially designed for human applications, just like RFID time and attendance, access control.

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