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UHF RFID Handheld Reader designed with a rugged industry standard

DAILY RFID has released its new UHF RFID Handheld Reader DL770 in accordance with IP64 international protection standard. And the UHF handheld reader combines wireless communication functions including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPRS, making it perfect for UHF mobile applications.

The UHF Handheld RFID reader achieves highly accurate, real-time data collection with a long maximum read distance from 70cm to 120cm. It features 400MHz Samsung Processor, 128MB SDRAM and 128MB Flash ROM storage to protect data from resets or even complete power loss.

Stabile RFID Handheld Reader for long-term deployment

DAILY RFID has recently released a stabile RFID Handheld Reader DL770 for long-term mobile RFID deployment. The handheld reader features lightweight, wireless data transfer and easy-to-use, providing optimum performance.

This UHF RFID handheld reader provides high accuracy in data collecting, managing, and transferring. With the wireless technology through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or GPRS connectivity, the RFID Handheld Reader ensures highly accurate real-time data collection. And it includes a USB interfaces and TF Slot, thus giving practical application for computers.

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