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RFID Patient Wristbands for patient identification and management

DAILY RFID has released UHF RFID Wristband for patient identification and management. With RFID chip sealed inside the wristband, the RFID Wristband can be used to automatically record and transfer the real-time data for hospital management. Thus, it is very helpful for the hospital operation.

Latest RFID Development Kit for Hospital Tracking Solution

DAILY RFID has launched a RFID Kit for patient tracking solutions in hospitals, in response to the considerable attention RFID has drawn to hospitals. The kit can be used to track patients, doctors and medical equipment in hospitals.

RFID in Hospital: RFID Patient Tracking Solution improves efficiency

As RFID has drawn considerable attention to hospitals, especially in patient tracking solution. In respond to the above demand, DAILY RFID has launched a cost-effective RFID patient tracking Kit for instant deployment in hospital.

RFID solution for Hospital Patient Management

As RFID benefits hospital in some aspects, including asset, patient and medicine management, RFID are receiving considerable attention in hospitals. DAILY RFID has launched a HF RFID Kit for hospital patient management, including the RFID tags and readers for instant deployment.

RFID in Healthcare: improve safety and operational efficiency

As the significant impact of RFID technology on healthcare industry, more and more healthcare organizations are using RFID for daily healthcare to improve safety and efficiency. DAILY RFID has launched RFID Wristband designed for hospital healthcare system, specially suitable for patient management.

RFID in the hospital : reduces patient management errors

As RFID will play an important role in the hospital, it benefits hospital in some aspect, including asset, patient and medicine management. DAILY RFID has recently developed a Gen 2 RFID wristband specially for hospital to reduce patient management errors.

RFID Healthcare system gets boost with RFID wristband

RFID technology now has significant impact on healthcare system ,specially for the hospital healthcare system. DAILY RFID has recently launched RFID Wristband, which is suitable for patient managment .With this RFID Wristband integrated into the healthcare system, it will create win-win benefit between hospital and patients.

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