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RFID Inlay Production Plays a Key Role in Reducing the Theft Loss and Preventing the Fake

In the large-scale clothing retail stores, RFID inlay production series have been used to protect garments from theft and improve the working efficiency in stores. As is well known, the supply chain and inventory management, without RFID inlay production, is becoming more and more intricate because of the mass production and various demands. So it is imperative for retailers and apparel companies to utilize advanced technology production (just like RFID inlay production) into the clothing management.

DAILY’s RFID Inlay Productions Show Dramatic Successes in Numerous RFID Tracking Applications

For the expanded RFID applications, intelligent RFID Inlay Productions have put the cutting-edge RFID technology into RFID operation processes, such as clothing tracking, vehicle tracking, asset tracking, animal tracking, person tracking, etc. And DAILY RFID, as the leading company who is specialized in manufacturing RFID products, has also newly released RFID Inlay Production series to help most of enterprises implement the items or assets tracking.

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