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RFID Jewelry Solution — Get Relief from the Traditional Inventory and Grow Business

Traditional jewelry inventory is often a manually intensive process and requires lots of time, and the use of RFID jewelry is becoming more prevalent. DAILY RFID has recently developed a rugged RFID Jewelry Solution to help jewelry stores and their staff to get relief from doing a lot of work when recording and tracking the jewelry items.

The RFID Kit for RFID Jewelry management system

DAILY RFID has recently launched RFID kit for RFID Jewelry System, designed to monitor stock location at all points in the jewelry supply chain, especially in secured storing. This kit contains the hardware and software to deploy the RFID Jewelry tracking system instantly.

Jewelry RFID tagged for inventory & security

DAILY RFID recently announced the smallest RFID Tag for jewelry, designed to monitor jewelry stock location at all points in the supply chain. This RFID tag offers automatic Jewelry tracking in real time to market communities, secured storing and other areas.

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