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RFID Library System Impels the Tradition Library to Move towards Digitization

Nowadays, pasting the RFID tags on the books, RFID library system has been a system that can automatically identify, collect and record the information produced in the process of borrowing, checking and counting the books and focus exclusively on handling these data. Then the RFID library system provides a complete solution for the library, improving the efficiency of the administrators and ameliorating the management mode of the library.

RFID Library System Gives Full Play to the Functions of Public Service in Library

As is well-known, RFID library system has been applied into a lot of modern libraries with flying colors. In recent years, libraries have sprung up everywhere along with the booming of economy and the growth in the living standard. So using high-tech tools (just like RFID library system) to effectively manage these libraries has become a major issue that persecutes managers in libraries. Of late, as a leading professional RFID products manufacturer, DAILY RFID has released RFID library system specially designed for better library management.

RFID Tags for Library Demonstrate the Advancement of RFID Technology Used in RFID Applications

In modern library, making an inventory of large number of books without RFID tags for library is a difficult and tedious task for the employees, and cost-effective modern RFID tags for library management improve the RFID operation process and meet the requirements of readers. DAILY RFID, the leading RFID products manufacturer, has also released a series of RFID tags for library basing on the professional RFID technology.

RFID tags for Library are the Inevitable Choice of Library Management Modernization

Along with the booming of economy and society, RFID tags for library have been applied into the modern libraries to upgrade the software and hardware in library management system. Combining RFID tags for library with other library management means, it is undoubtedly rewarding for librarians because the intelligent and flexible RFID tags for library furnish the practical and efficient technological means for the management of libraries.

RFID System in Library Actualizes the High Standard Books Management In Significant Measure

Nowadays, seeking for the satisfactory level of RFID system is very crucial for the librarians, which can improve the customer service and provide patrons with pleasant experience. Traditionally, large quantities of books in library can not be tracked and managed effectively because of lack of intelligent RFID system. Facing such a big challenge, DAILY RFID, the leading RFID products manufacturer, has newly launched the new level RFID system to furnish the strong capabilities for highly efficient books sorting and privacy protection in library.

RFID System in Library Contributes a Lot to the Books Management in Modern Libraries

As is known to all, the traditional books management, lacking in RFID system in library, is a crucial but repetitive work in library or reading room. And the conventional books management without RFID system in library often includes much regular work such as manual information input, managing readers, querying bibliography and lending books. In order to search and manage conveniently, more and more librarians have begun to use RFID system in library to enhance work effectively.

DAILY designs customized RFID reader for library systems

In reponse to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the library inventory process, DAILY has recently unveiled 13.56MHz multi-tag RFID Reader DL810 for library systems, integrated with a customized external antenna, so as to simplify the library items' check-in and check-out process.

RFID Reader for library:simplify library items check in/out process

DAILY RFID has recently unveiled 13.56MHz multi-tag RFID Reader DL810, designed as a fixed RFID reader at issuing desks for RFID library management, so as to simplify the check-in and check-out the library items process.

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