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RFID Tracking Tags Implement the Visualization and Transparency in Objects Tracking

Nowadays, RFID tracking tags have been widely used as the traceability to items becomes quite common. With the aggravation of competition, more and more companies have begun to use various RFID tracking tags to streamline the procedure and improve the working efficiency.

RFID Tags for Library Demonstrate the Advancement of RFID Technology Used in RFID Applications

In modern library, making an inventory of large number of books without RFID tags for library is a difficult and tedious task for the employees, and cost-effective modern RFID tags for library management improve the RFID operation process and meet the requirements of readers. DAILY RFID, the leading RFID products manufacturer, has also released a series of RFID tags for library basing on the professional RFID technology.

RFID tags for Library are the Inevitable Choice of Library Management Modernization

Along with the booming of economy and society, RFID tags for library have been applied into the modern libraries to upgrade the software and hardware in library management system. Combining RFID tags for library with other library management means, it is undoubtedly rewarding for librarians because the intelligent and flexible RFID tags for library furnish the practical and efficient technological means for the management of libraries.

Passive RFID Tag Antenna Solves a Load of Issues for RFID Items Tracking Applications

For the professional RFID technology, passive RFID tag antenna is the key part to implement the RFID operation. As the leading RFID products manufacturer, DAILY RFID has released a series of passive RFID tags with unique antenna and made great contributions to RFID items tracking applications. Designing the lightweight, low-cost and powerful enough passive RFID tag antennas, various RFID applications can be fulfilled. Namely, via supporting the sensors, the passive RFID tag antennas have solved a load of issues for items tracking applications.

Passive RFID Tag Antenna Promotes Modern Data Management to a New Stage

As the non-contact automatic identification tech product, passive RFID tag antenna has been broadly used in data management. In modern society, the increasingly rich products lead to the higher demand of data management, so people need to use high-tech means, just like passive RFID tag antenna, to identify, track, position and manage a variety of materials that are in the production, sales, circulation and distribution process.

Passive EPC Gen 2 Tags Cement the Management Efficiency in Every Walk of Life

Along with EPC global and ISO 18000-6C standards widely accepted, passive EPC Gen 2 tags have begun to be diffusely used in various industries, such as logistics, laundry field, asset tracking and so forth. Meanwhile, the booming of economy and society requires passive EPC Gen 2 tags to facilitate the industrial development continuously.

Passive EPC Gen 2 Tags-Brand New Weapon to Accelerate the Development of RFID Applications

With rapid advancement of society, the RFID applications have been expanded greatly and the high-tech passive EPC Gen 2 tags have certainly made their way to enhance various RFID management. On account of cutting-edge UHF RFID technology, the passive EPC Gen 2 tags give an easy access to the RFID management, such as vehicle tracking, laundry tracking, asset management, animal identification, etc.

RFID Cattle Tags – the Right-hand Man of Modern Livestock Management

Based on RFID cattle tags and other RFID products, livestock management and traceability system has been created in recent years. Because of the food security problem causing wide public concern, more and more cattle husbandry operators has begun to seek for efficient tools (just like RFID cattle tags) to guarantee the safety of consumers’ eating and nutrition. Fortunately, DAILY RFID, the leading professional RFID tech products manufacturer, has recently unveiled a series of smart and flexible RFID cattle tags to assist in tracking and managing each cattle.

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