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RFID UHF Tag from DAILY will Take the Place of the Traditional Admission Tickets

Recently, DAILY RFID has newly released a series of RFID UHF tag based on the latest advanced UHF technology, who is one of the professional RFID product developers and manufacturers in the world. Compared with low frequency RFID tag, this RFID UHF tag has many advantages to ensure the security, such as anti-collision, unique ID number and the time of data saving up to ten years.

Ultra Small UHF Tags Make Intelligent and Automatic Laundry Management Ever Within Touch

In the wake of the speedy advancement of laundry industry and RFID tech, ultra small uhf tags have been ubiquitous among modern laundry management. More importantly, in virtue of the excellent quality and low price, ultra small uhf tags have also achieved highly sought-after and gradually become the mainstream application in up-to-date laundry market. Meanwhile, as the leading RFID technology products developer and manufacturer, DAILY RFID has also launched a series of smart ultra small uhf tags in recent days, aiming at enhancing the efficiency and automation of laundry management.

Ultra Small UHF Tags Bring Substantial Benefits to RFID Clothing Retail Stores

By far, apparel inventory counting and movements have been optimized and pushed the supply chain management to be another level, which shows the practical and extensive use of RFID technology in clothing retail stores. For the mini intelligent RFID products, Ultra Small UHF Tags have enforced the quick and easy apparel management via the cabinet design and UHF RFID technology. Namely, these Ultra Small UHF Tags can own excellent simplification function to solve the problems in apparel supply chain management.

Next-generation UHF RFID Tag Allows RFID Applications to Approach the Flexible Solutions

In modern RFID applications, next-generation RFID Tags especially UHF RFID Tags have a big influence on vehicle tracking, inventory control, access control, animal tracking, garment tracking and so on. Basing the advanced design, superior performance and long read range, these RFID Tags make full use of the UHF frequency to the actual fields and address the traditional problems, which make breakthroughs in RFID management requiring higher frequency, longer read range and stronger ability to face hostile environment.

RFID UHF Tags Surely Impel the Efficiency, Accuracy and Security of Logistics

In modern RFID logistic system, RFID UHF tags have absolutely been an indispensable part of items tracking and inventory control. Formerly, the traditional logistics lack of RFID tags with UHF frequency always needed lots of manual power and time, which led to backlog of goods and enormous waste of money. Consequently, managers are in sore need of RFID tags UHF solution to strengthen the enterprise internal management.

Intelligent RFID UHF Tags-the Efficient Solutions to RFID Industrial Management

As we all know, RFID UHF Tags have been more and more popular because of addressing knotty RFID problems and meeting different businesses requirements across a variety of industries, like supply chains, logistics, items tracking, etc. DAILY RFID, highly specialized in producing RFID products, has released a series of new generation RFID UHF Tags in order to put RFID UHF technology to full use, improve the RFID management and reduce the cost immensely in enterprise.

RFID UHF Tags Impel to Realize Automatic and Intelligent Management in Laundry Industry

Nowadays, RFID UHF Tags are being used more and more widely because of their small volume, long reading range, fast reading speed and low cost. In the laundry industry, for instance, RFID UHF Tags have been applied to address the traditional problems, including washing process and times, inventory status and effective classification. Certainly, as the leading company dedicated to producing RFID tech products, DAILY RFID has also released a series of bran-new RFID UHF Tags to assist in realizing automatic and intelligent management in laundry and clothing industry.

RFID UHF Animal Ear Tag Series Make RFID Livestock Tracking a Breeze

Losing the pigs or the cattle were stolen was usually a big hassle long before the RFID animal ear tags were launched, In recent months, DAILY RFID, a rather professional RFID tags producer, has released RFID UHF Animal Ear Tag Series suitable for using in medium size livestock to improve the efficiency of RFID Livestock tracking. By helping the sheep, pigs or cows to wear these RFID UHF Ear Tags, the ranchers could get relief from doing a lot of work for the animals.

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