smart rfid wristband

RFID Smart Wristbands Streamline the Process of Identification and Access Management

As people see, RFID smart wristbands are a kind of smart radio frequency irregular tags that are convenient and durable to wear on the wrist, and they have been extensively used into a variety of applications, including festivals, events, hospitals, personnel identification and so forth. For better management, DAILY RFID, a leading professional RFID products manufacturer, has recently released a series of smart RFID wristbands/bracelets with silicone materials.

Silicone RFID Wrist Tag series ideal for many applications

DAILY RFID has recently launched silicone RFID wrist tag series, which are waterproof, anti-acid and heat-resistant. Thanks to their excellent performance, the tags are widely used in many applications, for example, laundry, theme park, spa, etc.

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