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EPC RFID Gen 2 Label for supply chain management

DAILY RFID has released EPC RFID Gen 2 Label which operates at the frequency from 860MHz to 960MHz. It is designed as a cost-effective RFID Label to increase the productivity in supply chain management process.

Compliance with the global protocol of EPC Gen 2, the UHF Label provides increased levels of product and asset visibility for the supply chain operations. By using DALY RFID readers, the UHF RFID Label allows for identification quickly. And all the information can be seen clearly from the host computer, such as the lead time requirements and location of the commodities.

The high-quality RFID Labels reshape Supply Chain Management

The high-quality RFID labels are considered as an important element in RFID supply chain management. DAILY RFID has designed various adhesive RFID labels for supply chain management, some of which are available at around 0.32 USD per piece.

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