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Intelligent UHF RFID Inlay Tags Help Apparel Companies to Usher in a New Era

UHF RFID Inlay tags have increasingly made the ingress to apparel industry at present. Clothing supply chain management, as is known, is becoming more and more complex due to the mass production and diversified demands, which makes apparel companies cry for a new management model. And it is then that UHF RFID Inlay tags come upon the stage of clothing field.

Next-generation UHF RFID Inlays- Come Near Uptodate and Manifold RFID Tracking Apps

In modern times, Next-generation UHF RFID Inlays have taken the leading-edge RFID technology to various tracking fields, such as clothing tracking, vehicle tracking, asset tracking, animal tracking, person tracking, etc. And one of the most professional RFID manufacturers, DAILY RFID, has also newly launched UHF RFID Inlay series to help most of enterprises to fulfill the products tracking process. Serving as the uptodate RFID solutions, UHF RFID Inlays have expanded the apps of products tracking and push RFID industrial management to higher stage.

UHF Gen 2 RFID Inlay for harsh environment

DAILY RFID has released new UHF Gen 2 RFID Inlay, designed as a durable read/write UHF RFID tag. And UHF RFID Inlay can operate well in harsh environments, resist against abrasion, anti-collision, anti-corrosion as well.

The new EPC Gen2 UHF inlay enhances security and efficiency while reducing costs. Designed to deliver optimum performance, the RFID inlay has a memory capacity of 1K bits or 4K bits to record information, or other by customized. Besides, the RFID inlay is available with oem service, including custom logo printing, number printing.

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