UHF RFID passive tag

UHF RFID Passive Tag has Reinforced the Safety and Efficiency in Jewelry Management Largely

In the recent years, a series of UHF RFID passive tag with stable performance and new design has been released by DAILY RFID which has been used in security management application, especially in jewelry management. As a leading professional RFID products company, DAILY is capable of designing and manufacturing high performance and cost-effective RFID tag.

UHF RFID Passive Tag Specially Designed for Modern Logistics and Storage Control

Recently, DAILY RFID has newly released a series of UHF RFID passive tag specially designed for modern logistics and storage control, which is a leading RFID products manufacturer and solutions provider. And this RFID tag will solute the intractable problems of the traditional logistic industry which without UHF RFID tag.

The UHF RFID Passive Tag has Effectively Reinforced Management in Livestock Industry

DAILY RFID, as a leading company who is dedicated to producing RFID products, has come out with a series of high-quality UHF RFID passive tag which has already been widely used in the livestock industry to identify and track large animals, such as sheep, cattle and pigs.

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