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Gen 2 USB RFID Readers are Conducive to the Growth of Modern Logistics Industry

In the modern logistics system, Gen 2 USB RFID reader has been playing a significant role in recent years. With the obvious merits that other instruments don’t have, Gen 2 USB RFID reader is waterproof, convenient-to-operate and anti-magnetic, and also has large data storage capacity, long reading distance and long service life.

Gen 2 USB RFID Reader-Simple and New Approach to Modern Parking Management

Traffic congestion, nowadays, is one of the main problems in vehicle management and Gen 2 USB RFID readers with advanced RFID technology help users execute fluent vehicle tracking via integrating RFID parking system. DAILY RFID, as the leading RFID products, has also released a series of Gen 2 USB RFID readers for the sake of improving the efficiency of vehicle control operation. Working from 860MHz~960MHz, these Gen 2 USB RFID readers are simple and new approach to modern parking management.

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