waterproof rfid wristband

UHF RFID Wristband Shows a New Scene of RFID Technology to the RFID Events

DAILY RFID has newly launched a series of UHF RFID wristband and spread the latest RFID technology around the world, who is an outstanding RFID products manufacturer and developer. At present, the UHF RFID wristband from DAILY shows a new scene of RFID technology to the RFID events, just like Exhibitions, Olympic Games, Music Festival, Convention and so forth.

Waterproof RFID Wristband for Theme Park and Spa

DAILY RFID has recently launched waterproof silicone RFID wristband for theme park and spa. Operating in 125KHz or 13.56MHz frequency, the contactless smart wristbands can be used at theme parks and spa as admissions, payment and security.

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