What's the point? (Transmediale continued...)

We came across this installation in Berlin which we noticed in a gallery window on Invaliden St. (sorry, no artists name). For a few moments it engaged our complete attention, perhaps because it was kind of unique. Although, I didn't like it. I felt that it kind of summed up my experience of Transmediale in general - a more intensive introduction to the world of pointless art!

Transmediale 2006: high's/low's

As someone who hasn't ever had any inclination in writing a diary, I am finding it hard to maintain momentum with blogging (hence the reason so long since my last post). I must admit I can't help thinking that regurgitating thoughts into the digital void is sometimes rather pointless, however, I am in the process of re-educating myself about this matter. It has also occurred to me that maybe through the sequential description of events, I can identify a more critical approach of discussing something.

Good Bye Reality! How Media Art Died But Nobody Noticed

Subjective notes about Transmediale 2006

The festival Transmediale is one of the oldest and biggest of its kind in Europe. Held annually since 1988, it started out as a video festival. In the early days the VideoFest, as it was called then, featured works which did not fit into the programme of the Berlin Film Festival - the star studded - drum role, fanfare - Berlinale. In the early 1990s the festival started presenting interactive works on CD ROM - I think this was called multi-media at the time. With changing technologies - adopting net art and generative and software art in the late 1990s - the festival kept true to its beginnings by maintaining the notion of critically engaging with new technologies and presenting a broad spectrum of alternative currents in art, technology and related theoretical production.

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