Digital Reality Fly Through

“Digital reality fly through” Was indeed a fly through. The speakers rotated throw the tables, in order to engage in conversation. The short time established for these conversations proved it self to be too short. By the time the talk became interesting the speakers were asked to move to another table.

In the short time attempt to crate some kind of debate, about virtual reality environments and the attempt to make them as real as possible. Looking for ways to create characters as human as possible. Some questions did rise.

Digital Reality Fly-Through

Yesterday's event "Digital Reality Fly-Through" at the "Dana Centre" was literaly a quick fly through various aspects of what has become popular under the term "Virtual Reality" within the last couple of years.

Having speakers from various backgrounds on the panel - namely Ruth Gibson and Bruno Martelli from Igloo, from a UK based multimedia artist group; David Surman, Senior Lecturer in Computer Games Design at the University of Wales, Newport; Marco Gillies, research fellow at the Department of Computer Science at University College London; Tanya Kryzwinska, an academic who conducts research into digital games, and who is the Vice President of Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA) as well as Martin Packer from Framestores-CFC, a special effects company - promised the discussion to become controversial and suspenseful. However unfortunately the presenters had to rush through their presentations and the way the format was set up did not allow them to talk to each other. Instead, the speechers then moved from table to table in order to discuss with the audience about the topic. Since the time was very limited to the maximum of five minutes "per round", all attempts to dig deeper into the topics about what "virtual reality" is and how it changes preception, creates hopes and fears, enhances visions, enables to become interactive in a different way or clash worlds failed. The "Gong" knocked out any conversations abruptly.

30 Seconds coming soon to Node.L

30 Seconds coming soon to Node.L

keep them peeled as EGA is bringing 30 Seconds to Node.L

Node.L puts Media Art on the SOAP BOX

The Dana Centre had their own launch on Thursday with the "Media Art Soapbox" This was an innovative idea, in that it was an opportunity for those involved in Media Art to have there own Soap Box and introduce their work and projects to the audience. Guest Soap Boxers were invited via email to apply and the first to respond were chosen. This introduced serendipity, the mixed bag and the quality was outstanding to say the least.

Node London kicks off at Boundless

For centuries, Deptford has been a place of ideas and innovation. Growing from a small fishing village into a busy dockyard town, Deptford once served as England's principal dockyard where historic voyages of Discovery (such as Drake, Frobisher, Raleigh, and Captain James Cook) were embarked upon.

The Wireless Wednesday workshop at Boundless this week continues to suggest that Deptford, is inherently a land of pioneers and innovators.

Discussion about NODE.London from the New Media Curating List

From 13/02/06 – 15/02/06 The New Media Curating List was host to a discussion about NODE.London with contributions from Marc Garrett, Simon Biggs, Geoff Cox, Saul Albert, Luci Eyers, Patrick Simons, Jemima Rellie, Ruth Catlow, Marcia Tanner and Susan Collins. The relevant postings are displayed here so that MAzine followers might get an opportunity to read them and become involved in the discussion from here on in.

TAKEAWAY: Festival of Self-Service Media

TAKEAWAY: Festival of Self-Service Media
DANA Centre, Science Museum, March 29-31, 2006.

A silent revolution is taking place. More and more people are transforming themselves from media consumers to producers, using the new tools, software and technologies at their disposal. From the expanding realm of free and open source software (FOSS), to peer-to-peer (P2P) distribution and 'pervasive' mobile and locative technologies, the possibilities exist as never before to create and disseminate our own media experiences.


MAzine puts media arts centre stage

Please discuss all aspects of the node.london 2006 season of media arts here. You just need to register first. If you want to start a new forum topic click 'create content' and away you go.

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