Class Wargames presents The Game of War Weekend at the HTTP Gallery

Sat 26th September:
Participatory demonstration - Marcel Duchamp meets Blue Peter.

Sun 27th September:
World Premier of Class Wargames film - The Game of War.

The Situationist Raoul Vaneigem famously wrote "There are no more artists since we've all become artists. Our next work of art is the construction of a full-blooded life." - The Revolution of Everyday Life.

Debord, leader of the Situationist International, developed the game while in exile after the May '68 Revolution, and came to regard it as his most important project. For Debord, The Game of War wasn’t just a game - come and learn how to fight and win against the oppressors of the spectacular society! Join the Class Wargames crew, Richard Barbrook, Fabian Tompsett, Ilze Black and others, in redefining political and contextual territories.

On Saturday the 26th, Class Wargames presents 'Marcel Duchamp meets Blue Peter', a day of making and playing Guy Debord's The Game of War.

Sunday is the World Premier launch of the Class Wargames' film - The Game of War. Directed by Ilze Black; script writers Richard Barbrook and Fabian Tompsett; xenography by Alex Veness, voice over by Hayley Newman and Alex Veness.

For more information about Class Wargames and players:

Game of War Weekend Schedule:

Marcel Duchamp meets Blue Peter.
Day 1 - 12-5pm Saturday 26th September.

12.00 Meet and greet
12.15 Introduction by Class Wargames
12.30 Building your own game, learning to play and participatory game playing
17.00 Day is over

Film Launch of The Game of War by Class Wargames
Day 2 - Day 1 - 12-5pm Sunday 27th September.

12.00 Meet and greet
12.15 View games exhibition and film
14.30 Talk by Class Wargames
15.00 Film launch of film & drinks
17.00 Day is over

For more information about the event please visit HTTP Gallery website.
To take part in the game please RSVP to ale[AT]furtherfield[DOT]org

Booking Essential
Ale, HTTP Gallery
email: ale[AT]furtherfield[DOT]org

HTTP Gallery
Unit A2, Arena Design Centre
71 Ashfield Road
London N4 1NY
+44(0)79 8129 2734

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