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Embroidered Digital Commons workshops with Ele Carpenter and Emilie Giles

Every Saturday 3 March - 28 April 2012, 10-12pm (excluding 7 April)


The Embroidered Digital Commons is a collectively stitched version of ‘A Concise Lexicon of/for the Digital Commons’ by the Raqs Media Collective (2003). The project seeks to hand-embroider the whole lexicon, term by term, through workshops and events as a practical way of close-reading and discussing the text and its current meaning.

Part of the Being Social exhibition at Furtherfield Gallery.
Would you like to stitch the Digital Commons with us?

Class Wargames presents The Game of War Weekend at the HTTP Gallery

Sat 26th September:
Participatory demonstration - Marcel Duchamp meets Blue Peter.

Sun 27th September:
World Premier of Class Wargames film - The Game of War.

The Situationist Raoul Vaneigem famously wrote "There are no more artists since we've all become artists. Our next work of art is the construction of a full-blooded life." - The Revolution of Everyday Life.

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