Mirror Life Cinema

Allan Au's interactive installation caused mass disturbance and traffic jams in the corridors of the college. Moving image and animation BA students went beserk in front of the distorting images, amazed at the wonders of technology. Our special section editor caught Allan smiling in the corner, and thinking already about the next version of the Mirror Life Cinema.

The Formado's opening Concert 12 May

Faustino Monetas late night concert was attended by 56 people and was accompanied by fanatical applause until the Police arrived and switched off the power. The public went frustrated into the student union bar and ended up drinking pints of beer. However this didn't help, the frustration continued ...Is society suppressing us?


Three dimensional projection surface as a body. A senso tracks the distance when vistors approach the sculpture, and accelerates or decreses the speed of the movie.

GORI Node Garden

This project is all about the visualisation of mobile phone call data. The program analyses the frequency, duration and time of each call and then stores it in a database and only selected numbers (GORI's) are visualised, which shows the changes in your social network.

See it here

A zombie just walked up to me

And told me about his project - and actually it's quite amazing. It's something that could be really graet for DJ's or experimental musicians. Basically you add lego blocks to a rotating turntable and a sensor (webcam) works like a turntable stylus. It reads the lego shapes and creates sound loops. Very noisy and brilliant!

See it here

Mobile phones get a life of their own

I found this amazing thing, and I'm sure no-one realises how great it is. Imagine if you're walking around with your mobile phone and you can track other people who've got bluetooth turned on. Your phone then remembers these other phones, and then your phone's social life starts. Scary!

Take a look

Electronic Parasite

This is an interesting piece - a video camera takes your photo and this then becomes a parasite, floating around the screen. When this parasite touches another one, it eats it and becomes bigger and stronger (changes colour).

Created by Perry Leung

Exploring Collaborative Practice

Roger Rees: Common Ground
I am exploring ways in which communities can develop through using the possibilities offered by networked media. I am developing platforms and tools for collaborative practice and applying ideas about how we build individual and particularly shared mental models. I aim to foster greater understanding and increased connection between otherwise distinct individuals and groups.

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