Mapping Media Art in London

I attended a workshop loosely based around the EVNT software project but billed as bringing together producers of events and coders of event software to meet each other and “brainstorm the future of event organisation (with an emphasis on the arts), calendaring tools and technologies.”

I wouldn’t really describe myself as belonging to either of those groups but I was very glad I was along for the ride. The introduction to why we were all there generally and specifically as individuals was really interesting. It became clear that although there was a good deal of common ground among us we had such diverse motivations that distinctions like coders and producers weren’t that meaningful.

Hollywood's Digital Dilemma

Hollywood is facing one of its biggest dilemmas - networked media and digital technology. The project 'Hollywood's Digital Dilemma' aims to investigate the challenges facing the film industry and to explore the impact of these challenges upon the industry’s dominance of distribution networks.

Touching the Smart Studio at ICA

To late afternoon today 23.May. 2005 7.45pm, something forces me to drive to the ICA, that what I know definitely is "I am to late". Parked my car, already very lucky, if you know what I mean, parking your car in Westminster around the ICA. Rush into the building, pay my annual membership fee, as well to late. Walking further to the theater. Yes now I got the official confirmation, "I am to late", entered a typical interaction design atmosphere. Smart Studio from Sweden displays their works. I look desperado around see that almost everyone already went, but luckily I got recognized and rushed in to a group of Austronesian, Japaneses, American interaction pro team in the mode already finishing there examinations. We exchanged politely this and that and by being magically driven by a neon light we discover the Brain Bar. A tangible hybridized physical interactive robot in context to your brain waves serving free of charge alcoholic beverages you deserve, as you can see on the picture Mr.


BAVUL CONTROLLER is an old used luggage recyled to be a controller to mix videos. The controller designed by Pinar Birim has got 4 knobs which are connected to 4 different screens. The knobs are used to change videos in each screen, and with the button on the controller which is connected to a camera which captures the live moment of the user appears straight in the middle of the movies.

the trials and tribulations of the Pixel Balloon

Here within lies the record of the life of the Pixel Balloon, it's progress, hopes, and desires. So far the pixel balloon has gone through at least 3 embodiments

stage 1: embryotic stage (or whence the idea was first conceived and has the added association with the metaphor of an egg)

stage 2: perambulator stage (or when baby acquires two parents and is given a proper name)

stage 3: primary stage (or when baby becomes nuisance but is pushed into beauty pagent dispite many shortcomings)

pictures to come.

chapter the first.
Encounter with Max/MSP.

I came to Ravensbourne with limited skills, or indeed even the names of many of the software programmes I would encounter. One of them being the pervious mentioned Max/MSP. I do not try to shield my ignorance in anyway by stating that only 1 other student was acquainted with this software.

"In use worldwide for over fifteen years by performers, composers, artists, teachers, and students, Max/MSP is the way to make your computer do things that reflect your individual ideas and dreams." This is taken verbatim from the company website. (http://www.cycling74.com)

The Hello Blog

This is the Hello Blog.
Este es el Blog Hola
Cuesto sei un blogg di arrivederci
Die in echt wilkomen bloggen

Laurie Anderson Unplugged

The Independent newspaper today has a review of the Laurie Anderson performance we all went to. What strikes me as a bit odd is that the reasons the reviewer gives for not liking her performance too much at all are exactly the same reasons why I actually enjoyed it very much.

So, for example, he criticises her for having a certain mannerism in the way she delivers her text. But the 'buts' and 'ands' with which Laurie starts her sentences are part of the way Laurie does things and has always done things. Thats part of her very personal technique of delivering her lyrics. Love it or leave it, but thats her style.

Splash of Interaction

Victoria Garcia Zapatero Soto's installation addresses interactive multimedia processes to help the learning experience of autistic children. Visitors said "It's a really good idea, we enjoyed playing". A lady who works with autism said she thought it would work well with the target age of children the project aims at. Another lady said she thought it was cool! Our editor talked privately to Victoria and she said she's looking for investors and sponsors who can help her to form a prototype, and later a product which is affordable for families and institutions.

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