Fatal reaction to food!!!

Having food allergy, or being the parent of a food allergic child is a bit like being an anesthesiologist or airplane pilot: 99% calm punctuated by 1% sheer terror. Asthma, in contrast, is much more up and down, with less explosive onset of symptoms.

My new computer is a BlueGene/L

Its really kool for gaming. BlueGene/L's top speed of 280.6 teraflops (1 teraflop is one trillion calculations in 1 second). This is more than three times faster than its closest rival, another IBM-built machine called Watson Blue Gene.

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I love this keyboard, don't ask me why but it's one of those things, I don't like much tech, but this one is a must have, some users love macs, not me! some users love Ipods, not me, I just like this visual programmable keyboard.


Web Research

This is a website of electronic company NEC in Japan.
It is a virtual tree that designed by Yugo Nakamra who is famous web artist.

Ecotonoha is a project - to nurture a virtual tree collaboratively, and at the same time contribute to the actual environment to cope with global warming.
As you make Ecotonoha’s leaves, the virtual tree will grow, and as Ecotonoha grows, real trees will be planted in Kangaroo Island of Australia by NEC.

Nid Gallery.
The special online gallery of Nagaoka Institude of Design in Japan has recently opened.
Designed by Yugo NaKamra too.
you can use mouse wheel to browse people and works from the college.

Intetionallies is an architectural studio and this is a portfolio site with a super linear construction, a flexible interface with card metaphoring.
Yugo developed card-based dynamic interface to enlighten variety of their works.


When MA term began last autumn, I doodled and quoted some about the network to pull the idea. Belows are from them that still gives me feel refresh although some doesn't make sense.

50% Value down without communication
network is your gateway to green living
network is an online community of animal humane
network is an online community of animal humane associations and rescue groups that display their available animals online
network is open for business
network is in the government’s future
network is the controller
network is a nonprofit foundation
network is an open community for discussion and research concerning religion and spirituality
network is not the computer
network is growing
network is the market
network is here
network is right for me?
network is growing and strengthening
gardening is a beautiful art
gardening is cooking not chemistry
gardening is a gamble
gardening is a process
gardening is a lifelong learning process
gardening is life
gardening is growing

Another physical data visualization

nabaztag is a physical ambient visualization device in the form of a cute bunny rabbit that is able to display several live datasets retrieved through a WiFi Internet connection

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Networks and Complexity

It seems clear that the first epoch of the 3rd Millennium, the Network Age, was already asserting itself in increasingly powerful ways by the early 1990s, if not sooner, through the literal reorganization of the social, political, and economic infrastructure around electronic networks.[1] Samuel R. Smith

Ideas and discussions about networks and complexity are increasingly important among the most diverse communities. These range from hippies to hard-nosed business people and from radical activists to right wing reactionaries and all shades of opinion in between. The discussions range from visions of a collaborative heaven to a hell filled with terrorists, paedophiles and copyright pirates.

Whatever the vision, most seem to start from the assumption that networks are in some way a new phenomenon or at least that they are much more significant now than ever before. They are seen as either the product of, or at least encouraged by, the recent explosive growth of digital media and particularly the internet. Few commentators on the subject explore the nature of networks, except to provide a small number of examples that suit their argument.


Gel Greenhouses for Plants

Plantariums are life-giving ecosystems in which seeds germinate. The colorful gel's transparency makes the seedling and its roots visible throughout the entire germination and plant-growth process!

from Designers Party

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