2.45ghz rfid reader

2.45GHz RFID Active Reader DL9130 for Inventory Management

DAILY RFID has newly developed 2.45GHz RFID active reader DL9130 for inventory management. With its long read and write range, this active RFID reader is perfectly used in enterprise supply chain management to improve the efficiency of inventory tracking and management.

2.45GHz Active RFID Reader with high performance of inventory control

DAILY RFID has announced the 2.45GHz Long Range Active RFID Reader DL3800 with a long read range of up to 100m, specially designed for inventory management. This Active RFID Reader eliminates the need to make an inventory by individual scanning.

With one antenna connected externally, the 2.45GHz Active RFID Reader DL3800 can provide long read range up to 100m. And it can identify 100 pieces of tags at the same time under its anti-collision function.

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