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Functional RFID Active Reader with Broad Range of Applications

DAILY RFID has newly designed its functional 2.4GHz RFID active reader-DL580 which has broad range of applications. This RFID active reader can be used in a stand-alone mode or can be connected with computer by network, which has greatly broadened its range of uses.

This 2.4GHz RFID active reader is suitable to be integrated into RFID asset tracking software system which includes a RFID active reader, application software, RFID active tags, as well as full SDK document and demo software for the RFID Reader.

2.45GHz RFID Active Reader DL9130 for Inventory Management

DAILY RFID has newly developed 2.45GHz RFID active reader DL9130 for inventory management. With its long read and write range, this active RFID reader is perfectly used in enterprise supply chain management to improve the efficiency of inventory tracking and management.

2.4GHz RFID Active Reader ideal for RFID Asset Management

DAILY RFID has released RFID Active Reader DL3800, with a long read range of up to 100 meters to cater for for asset management. The advanced 2.4GHz RFID Reader is ideal for inventory management as its fast read rate.

The Active RFID reader provides reliable visibility within 100m, making it ideal for real-time asset loss prevention, warehouse management, inventory management and personnel access control. And multiple RFID Asset Tags can be automatically collected by the single 2.4GHz reader at the same time.

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