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Cost-effective RFID HF Label for Asset Management

DAILY RFID has released the square HF Label with a guaranteed 10-year data lifespan to store information. It is a cost-effective selection for asset tracking applications that require the system to manage asset with RFID labels.

The superior performance 13.56MHz RFID label can produce a robust and cost-effective RFID solution in the asset management process. With the I-Code 2 (ISO 15693) inlay inside, the HF RFID label can track the objects equipped with the adhesive label easily. Besides, it can be rewritten over 100,000 times to store more information.

Customized, durable RFID Passive Tags in various forms

RFID passive tags can come in various form factors, just like passive RFID disc tag, RFID key tags and RFID wristband tag. Daily’s passive RFID tags feature long lifespan, small size and stable performance.

RFID passive tags are usually chosen because they are low cost and small enough to be used in almost unlimited applications. DAILY RFID can design appropriate passive tags to make them encapsulate into tagging items for creating embedded RFID applications. Besides, the tags can be customizable, including number, logo and coding printing.

The latest UHF Tag with high performance in harsh conditions

DAILY RFID has released rigid RFID UHF Tag to meet a need in the Industry for uhf tag with long read range on metal surface. The latest UHF passive tag can provide high performance in harsh conditions, including around metal & liquid environment.

The UHF tag has been tested at a very reliable reading range of up to 3 meters in a variety of harsh industrial environment. It can easily be affixed to any metal surface either keeping by two screws or with its self-adhesive 3M Glue. Thus, it is not easy to fall off from the surface, and allows long-range communication.

Buy RFID Products Online in DAILY RFID online shop

1. What is DAILY RFID Online Shop?
DAILY RFID Online Shop is the latest and largest RFID online shopping center with the world's most extensive line of RFID Tags, RFID Labels, Smart Cards and RFID Readers.

2. Why register DAILY RFID Online Shop?

DAILY RFID online shopping Mall the best shopping center

RFID online shopping Mall (www.rfid-in-china.net), which is belong to DAILY RFID CO., LIMITED, is the latest and biggest RFID online shopping platform in the world. It offers cost-effective and high quality RFID products in this website.

The Latest & Largest RFID Online Shopping Web in the World

DAILY RFID has released the latest RFID online shopping web www.rfid-in-china.net , with the latest RFID readers, RFID tags, RFID labels, it makes very easy and simple for the customers to order and buy RFID products from DAILY RFID.

DAILY RFID specializing in producing arguably the world's most extensive line of RFID Tag, RFID Label, Smart Card and RFID Reader and have obtained the National Integrated Circuit Card Register Certificate, IC Card Manufacture License and ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification.

RFID Watch for All-purpose and remains Comfort

DAILY RFID has released RFID watch tag for installation in any kind of wristwatch. Integrated with the RFID watch tag, the RFID watch can remain its comfortable and can be used more functional, such as a ticket, a identity card.

The RFID watch can be used for all-purpose. It doesn't interfere with the mechanical workings because either the metal parts of the watch or wearer's wrist won't interfere with the tag being read. The operate frequency of the RFID watch depends upon the function goals of the watches, and is available in most RFID standard, such as EPC Gen2.

Idea Reader - 125KHz RFID Reader for Long range Industrial Application

DAILY RFID has newly unveiled 125KHz Long Range RFID Reader (Idea Reader). The long-distance identification function and ease of use features make it ideal for Industrial Application.

The low-cost LF RFID Reader(Idea Reader) provides high performance. And it is compatible with LF RFID chips such as I-CODE, Mifare-One S50. With accurate identification ability, this Idea Reader RFID Reader has a long read range up to 100cm.

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