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-- Don’t worry, DAILY RFID will help you in all, even give you an OFFICE in China.

Questions from customer --

1. I’m interested in RFID but I had a headache that I don’t have technique, solutions and even customer resources?
2. I’m interested in RFID, but how can I find cost-efficient products ?
3. I’m an integrator, but my customer always want to see factory. How can I do ?
4. China is a big market, I would like to purchase there. Who can give me a hand ?

Answers from DAILY RFID --

DAILY's Passive RFID Tags deliver long lifespan in a small size

DAILY's Rigid passive RFID tags are designed for superior performance on a variety of surfaces. With superior printing and encapsulation technology, the durable tags can provide a useful life of twenty years or more to keep the investment low.

Upgraded UHF RFID Reader DL910 is available at 780USD

DAILY RFID has recently upgraded its UHF RFID Reader DL910 to enhance the user experience, as well as durablility, with a low price at 780USD. The UHF Reader features globally-compliant options, performance efficiency, and rugged design to enable external installation.

Daily's RFID Wristband in a variety of design and size

DAILY RFID has recently launched serial RFID wristbands in a variety of design and size, which are ideal for unlimited applications, such as recreational area, amusement park, swimming pool and hospitals.

HDT3000 LF Portable RFID Reader for mobile solution

DAILY RFID has unveiled LF Portable RFID Reader DL2800(HDT3000), designed as a smart handheld terminal for 125KHz RFID mobile solution, with low price at under $400.

HDT3000 RFID Handheld Reader(DL2800) with smart design

DAILY RFID has unveiled HDT3000 RFID Handheld Reader(DL2800), designed as a smart portable terminal for 125KHz RFID mobile solution with low price.

RR9000 HF RFID Reader - from DAILY RFID

DAILY RFID has recently announced RR9000 HF Long Range RFID Reader, which has remarkable anti-interference ability and synchronized fuction, with a readability of up to 90cm.

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