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USB Portable RFID Reader Propels the Efficiency of Asset Control to a Large Extent

Nowadays, USB portable RFID reader has played a significant role in the process of asset management along with fixed asset control becoming more and more crucial in business operations. In virtue of its flexibility, USB portable RFID reader has brought lots of convenience for asset managers in numerous companies or organizations. In recent days, as a leading professional RFID tech products manufacturer, DAILY RFID has newly released the latest USB portable RFID reader DL710Plus for better asset management.

Mobile RFID Readers Application Actualizes the Automatic and Visual Management in Logistic

Currently, how to use high-tech tools (just like mobile RFID readers) to enhance the level of supply chain management and lower the cost of logistic application effectively has become the urgent problem for logistic companies. Along with the wide utilization of RFID handheld readers in logistics and the maturity of RFID tech, mobile RFID reader application in logistic control is expected to subvert the traditional logistics.

Low-Price Handheld RFID Readers Turn Out to Be the Significant Tool in Logistics Management

For the past few years, handheld RFID reader price has gradually become lower along with RFID technology growing up speedily. In the meantime, an increasing number of low price handheld RFID readers have been applied into logistics and supply chain field on account of the booming of economy and the development of e-commerce. Consequently, as the leading professional RFID tech products manufacturer in China, DAILY RFID has recently launched a series of handheld RFID readers with low price and brilliant quality.

Reasonable Handheld RFID Reader Price Appeals to a Large Number of Users In RFID Industries

In the modern RFID industries with complex operations and expensive costs of the equipments, reasonable handheld RFID reader price must be one of the main targets for RFID users. Due to lower price and high-quality, handheld RFID readers can perform well during the process of industrial operation and bring lucrative margins to users. DAILY RFID, the leading RFID company who is committed to manufacturing RFID products, has released a series of Handheld RFID Readers with the ideal price to varies RFID applications.

Portable RFID Reader makes date transmission smooth

DAILY RFID has released Portable RFID Reader with user-friendly PDA functions. Together with wireless data transfer functions, this wireless RFID Reader DL710 is designed as a compact-size device to collect and transfer information anywhere.

This Portable RFID reader is integrated with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPRS connectivity. Thus, the RFID tag information can be transferred timely and seamlessly no matter whether the identification process is indoors or not. Besides, it is equipped with a LCD touch screen to provide a good visibility about the tagged objected.

Portable RFID Reader Writer with Optimum Performance

DAILY RFID has released its new Portable RFID Reader Writer DL710 designed for industrial and outdoor applications. The RFID reader writer provides Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPRS functions, enabling optimum performance for RFID mobile applications.

This Portable RFID reader provides optimum performance for collecting, managing, and transferring information. It can be easily connected to any PC via a USB interface. Besides, the Handheld RFID reader is equipped with 400MHz Samsung Processor, 128MB SDRAM and 64MB Flash ROM storage to protect data from resets or even complete power loss.

Portable RFID Reader available in LF or HF version

DAILY RFID, a Chinese leading company of RFID tag and RFID Readers, has released Portable RFID reader DL710 available in 125KHz or 13.56MHz version. It is designed as a lightweight mobile with a smart combination of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPRS.

UHF Portable RFID Reader with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPRS function

DAILY RFID launched new UHF Portable RFID Reader DL770. Designed as a multi-function portable reader, it provides a smart combination of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPRS for users who are looking for Portable wireless devices.

This lightweight, portable RFID UHF reader has a user-friendly design for ease of use. It can be easily connected to a computer via a USB port for data transmission and information management. And its 4400mAh battery(removable, rechargeable) provides a long operate time for mobile applications.

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