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RFID Reader and Writer can Ensure High-security and Fast Identification in the RFID System

Recently, the latest RFID reader and writer of DAILY RFID with good quality and high performance has been popular in inventory control system. As the leading professional RFID products manufacturer, DAILY RFID has newly released a series of the RFID reader and writer which has widely utilized into access control apps and won numerous accolades.

Industrial Handheld Scanner-Smart Reader to Make Users Improve the Inventory Level

The Industrial handheld scanners, in modern RFID management, have enjoyed great popularity. With progressive RFD technology and professional design, the industrial handheld scanners can integrate the RFID system to execute fluent items tracking in supply chain and logistic management. DAILY RFID, as the leading RFID products manufacturer, has released a series of industrial handheld scanners to help most of enterprises control the inventory.

Bluetooth Card Reader Writer-the Powerful Weapon to Consolidate the Vehicle Management

Nowadays, automatic vehicle management has early been significant and the Bluetooth card reader writers with suitable reading range play crucial role in controlling the vehicles in parking lot. Integrated with the RFID parking system, the Bluetooth card reader writers can implement reading the RFID vehicle tags over long distance. As the advanced parking management equipments, the Bluetooth card reader writers have enjoyed great popularity in parking applications.

13.56MHZ High Frequency DL660 (RR3036USB) Mifare RFID Reader Writer

In order to target for the Mifare card readers used in high-speed transactions, DAILY RFID has launched 13.56MHz DL660(RR3036USB) Mifare RFID Reader Writer. Designed as a plug-and-play device with USB or RS232 Interface, it can be easily used in access control applications such as electronic wallet and logistics.

RFID Card Reader Writer designed for Easy Installation

DAILY RFID has released RFID card reader writer -02 to meet the customer requirement for convenient use. With USB or RS232 interface, the RFID reader writer is designed as a plug-and-play RFID device. Therefore, it can be easily installed for many applications near computers.

LF/HF R/W RFID Reader for wide aspects beside computers

DAILY RFID offers the R/W (Read / Write) RFID reader-02 with USB or RS232 interfaces. Available in LF or HF versions, it can be used in a wide range of applications beside computers, such as logistic system, express parcel management, production authentication and access control, etc.

This RFID reader writer features great flexibility by inserting it into PC and PDA via USB or RS232 interface. The integrated R/W RFID device can be used for most developing and deploying interactive read/write applications. In addition, the lightweight RFID scanner supports low power consumption.

Portable RFID Reader makes date transmission smooth

DAILY RFID has released Portable RFID Reader with user-friendly PDA functions. Together with wireless data transfer functions, this wireless RFID Reader DL710 is designed as a compact-size device to collect and transfer information anywhere.

This Portable RFID reader is integrated with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPRS connectivity. Thus, the RFID tag information can be transferred timely and seamlessly no matter whether the identification process is indoors or not. Besides, it is equipped with a LCD touch screen to provide a good visibility about the tagged objected.

PDA-based Mobile RFID Reader with wireless data transfer functions

DAILY RFID has released PDA-based Mobile RFID Reader DL710 designed as a compact size device to collect and transfer information anywhere together with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPRS functions. And available in LF or HF versions, it gives more options to cater for the different requirements of customers.

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