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USB RFID Reader?The Intellectual Scanner to Accelerate the Operation Process of RFID Management

In order to accelerate the speed of information processing like delivery and management in RFID applications, USB RFID reader has been extensively and resoundingly used in access control, inventory management, logistics and office operation. Inserted a USB RFID reader into a desktop or notebook PC, rfid events organizers or enterprise users can handle information quickly and facilitate the events processes. Working as USB scanner, USB RFID reader can make the supply chain smooth.

USB RFID Reader Impels the Advancement of Personnel Control and Enterprise Management

Following the maturity of RFID tech, USB RFID reader has also been more stable and reliable. In general, successful enterprises are always those with brilliant management, and the cutting-edge technology has been invariably impelling the advancement of enterprise management. Namely, using high-tech tools, such as USB RFID reader, has become the crucial and essential part in company administration and access control.

LF/HF R/W RFID Reader for wide aspects beside computers

DAILY RFID offers the R/W (Read / Write) RFID reader-02 with USB or RS232 interfaces. Available in LF or HF versions, it can be used in a wide range of applications beside computers, such as logistic system, express parcel management, production authentication and access control, etc.

This RFID reader writer features great flexibility by inserting it into PC and PDA via USB or RS232 interface. The integrated R/W RFID device can be used for most developing and deploying interactive read/write applications. In addition, the lightweight RFID scanner supports low power consumption.

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