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Full-Featured Mobile RFID Reader Enjoys Great Popularity among Various Industries

As one of the most important components of RFID system, mobile RFID reader has been more and more widely applied in various fields with RFID technology - a new type of intelligent recognition technology becoming increasingly mature. Compared with fixed RFID reader, mobile RFID reader has many advantages, such as the small size, low power, strong mobility, convenient maintenance and low price. At present, there are many mobile RFID readers with different performance characteristics to be used in different cases on the market, so it should be cautious to choose the suitable products.

Mobile RFID Reader-the Seamless Solution to Facilitate Each Link of Supply Chain Management

In a large enterprise, facilitating each link of supply chain management and updating inventory fast is crucial. And mobile RFID readers, basing on the advanced technology and portable design, have brought many benefits to improve the inventory turnover. For the sake of the rapid growth of profits, DAILY RFID, as the RFID enterprise who is specialized in manufacturing RFID products, has also released a series of mobile RFID readers to simplify RFID working process.

RFID UHF Handheld Reader for Supply Chain Management

DAILY RFID has released industrial RFID UHF Handheld reader DL770 for supply chain management. By using the uhf handheld reader, the accurate supply chain information can be uploaded to a secure Web site or computer management system in real time, as the DL770 supports Wi-Fi and GPRS data transmission.

PDA-based Mobile RFID Reader with wireless data transfer functions

DAILY RFID has released PDA-based Mobile RFID Reader DL710 designed as a compact size device to collect and transfer information anywhere together with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPRS functions. And available in LF or HF versions, it gives more options to cater for the different requirements of customers.

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