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LF 134 KHz RFID Reader with Bluetooth for Easy Tracking Outdoors

As the use of combining RFID and bluetooth is becoming prevalent, DAILY RFID has released palm-sized LF 134 KHz RFID reader DL990 with wireless Bluetooth function to transfer data for mobile solutions. And as the distance from the smart tags to the bluetooth enabled device is often around few meters in security and railway application, this 134.2KHz reader is ideal for use in security, patrol and railway systems.

HDT3000 LF Portable RFID Reader for mobile solution

DAILY RFID has unveiled LF Portable RFID Reader DL2800(HDT3000), designed as a smart handheld terminal for 125KHz RFID mobile solution, with low price at under $400.

HDT3000 RFID Handheld Reader(DL2800) with smart design

DAILY RFID has unveiled HDT3000 RFID Handheld Reader(DL2800), designed as a smart portable terminal for 125KHz RFID mobile solution with low price.

compact RFID 125KHz(LF) Reader with low cost

DAILY RFID has launched 125KHz(LF) RFID reader-02 designed as a compact, plug-and-play device for integrated into LF proximity applications such as access control, time and attendance, with a low price at 32USD.

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