Gen 2 rfid

UHF Gen 2 RFID Reader DL6820 with double antenna channels

DAILY RFID has unveiled UHF Gen 2 RFID Reader DL6820 with double antenna channels, which provides high performance under complicated environment. With EPC Gen 2 Technology, this UHF RFID reader promises multiple tag reads, fast read rate and long read range.

EPC Gen 2 RFID Wristband for one-time use

DAILY RFID has developed a Gen 2 RFID Wristband for one-time use,designed for healthcare applications such as tracking patients,especially newborns in hospital settings. Once it is taken off, the Gen 2 RFID wristband is broken for sanitary and privacy.

Long-range Gen 2 RFID reader with fast read rate

DAILY RFID,a leading producer of RFID tags and RFID readers, has recently announces Gen 2 RFID reader DL910,which provides fast read rate and highe performance.It supports the full UHF frequency band from 860–960MHz and with a long read range up to 15m.

RFID Wristband,UHF Gen2 Wristbands – Latest Product from DAILY RFID for healthcare

DAILY RFID www.rfid-in-china.com has developed a GEN 2 RFID Wristband. The GEN 2 RFID Wristband is the first of its kind for most popular hospital solutions,just like RFID patient tracking,RFID newborn baby tracking. The wristbands are constructed from 100% pure non-allergenic silicone and designed using ISO 18000-6 compliant inlays.

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