heat-resistant rfid tags

High Temp RFID Tags Help Users Enhance the RFID Laundry System Immensely

Currently, high temp RFID tags have been the popular choice in clothing management with the development of RFID technology and become the good helper of RFID system. As we all know, in the past, the old technology and harsh industrial environment, like high temperature, will always lead to the tough laundry process and redundant time and costs.

High Temp RFID Tags Immensely Facilitate the Laundry Tracking and Management

High temp RFID tags have become the favorite for more and more organizations that need to wash thousands of garments and return the clean clothes to the right person, such as laundries, hotels and hospitals. In the past time lacking of high temp RFID tags, laundry management was a big headache for most laundry companies because of the difficulty of tracking and recording each garment accurately and duly.

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