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Fixed USB RFID reader/writer for easy connection to PC

DAILY RFID has launched HF Fixed USB RFID reader, as well as with a RS232 interface. The low power consumption, easy-to-use feature & USB interface of the Reader is to extend the reach of RFID to the office environment more easily.

This USB enable RFID reader/writer enables a low cost platform for deploying interactive read/write applications. By inserting it into PC & PDA via a USB interface, the integrated device can be used for most high frequency RFID applications.

RR3036 HF RFID Reader(HF Reader-02) - from DAILY RFID

DAILY RFID, a Chinese leading manufacturer of RFID readers and RFID tags, has launched RR3036 HF RFID reader (HF Reader-02) designed as a plug-and-play device for using in any USB and RS232 environment.

The RR3036 RFID Reader is capable of highest security at reasonable cost. You can use the reader for fast and easy integration, scalability and maintenance within separated and converging applications in any USB and RS232 environment.

Fixed RFID HF Reader with RS232/ USB interface launched

DAILY RFID, a Chinese leading producer of RFID hardwares, has launched fixed RFID HF Reader-02 designed for deployment within most high frequency applications in any USB and RS232 environment.

HF RFID Reader has read range up to 90cm

A common HF RFID Reader has very short read range - at a range of 5-10cm, but the range needs to be extended for some applications. In order to aid the process, DAILY RFID has released HF Reader DL810 with a long reading range up to 90cm.

Wireless Bluetooth RFID Reader to locate passive tags in real time

DAILY RFID has released 13.56MHz bluetooth RFID Reader DL990 for mobile RFID application. It is designed as a palm-sized wireless reader to locate passive tags in a real-time mode by transferring data to a back-end computer via the Bluetooth connection.

RFID Reader module (serial) operating at LF and HF unveiled

DAILY RFID has launched a RFID Reader module, which can be used as semifinished products signifying with a lower cost and easily integrated into many RFID programs. In addition, the rfid reader module has a USB interface and features low power consumption.

Low-cost RFID Card Reader features USB connection

DAILY RFID has launched a cost-effective RFID Card Reader operating in 125KHz or 13.56MHz frequency. The RFID Card Reader is a low-cost choice to read passive rfid tags and features USB connection.

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