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DAILY’s latest RFID Laundry System Gives so Many Highlights in Laundry Management

RFID Laundry system is coming to people’s sight as many organizations, just like hotels, hospitals, bathing places, especially the professional laundries, need to clean thousands of garments and return these cleaned garments back to the right person every year. So how to effectively track and manage the laundrying process and the inventory status of each garment has been a urgent issue and challenge for those laundries.

RFID Laundry System Build Seamless Channel to Boost Efficiency for Laundry Company

Applying the RFID technology to laundry, RFID Laundry System was chosen to optimize the ability of the clothing management in this new era. Though countless experiences, high-tech RFID Laundry System has got out of the traditional manual laundry operation and become an efficient method which people ever expected. For a complete RFID Laundry system, it can be carried out via a series of RFID products.

Flexible RFID UHF Laundry Tag uses in harsh laundry process

As the demand of the long durability and reading performance in RFID laundry tags, DAILY RFID has launched its flexible UHF laundry tag for harsh laundry applications. According to some trials before, this UHF RFID laundry tag-06 is available in ISO18000-6C EPC Gen2 and can work well in harsh laundry environments, such as washing, ironing and pressing for at least 200 times.

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