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Long range RFID tracking Tags Enjoy Great Popularity in Every Walk of Life

Long range RFID tracking system brings a tremendous revolution to a variety of industries. Compared with the bar code, RFID tags have some unparalleled advantages that bar code cannot touch. For example, long range RFID tracking tags can make long distance identification at fast rate, and they are uneasy-to-damage and have large capacity.

Approaching Long Range RFID Tracking-the Modern Solution to Consolidate RFID Applications

Nowadays, many Long Range RFID Tracking applications have put the leading-edge RFID technology to use. For instance, the asset always needs the long range RFID tracking in order to ensure high accuracy in harsh environment. And as the one of most trustful RFID producers, DAILY RFID, has released a series of Long Range RFID Tracking Tags to consolidate RFID applications, like vehicle tracking, laundry tracking, livestock tracking, and so forth.

Long Range (125KHz) LF Reader-03 — an Em RFID Reader with Long Range of Up to 1m

Normal LF (125KHz) reader often gives read range of only up to 10 cm. And DAILY RFID has released 125KHz LF reader-03 with long range of up to 100 cm (1 m). Compatible with EM Marine standard, this LF reader has great read reliability in access control application.

The long range RFID 125KHz reader is compatible with EM Marine RFID chips such as EM4100, EM4102. And with module embedded in ABS plastic housing, it is robust enough to operate well in any harsh environments. Therefore, the rugged 125KHz EM reader can be easily used indoors or outdoors.

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