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HF Desktop RFID Reader with USB / RS232 interface

DAILY RFID has launched 13.56MHz (HF) Desktop RFID Reader to read and write ISO14443A/B or ISO15693 protocol RFID tags. The HF Desktop RFID reader delivers high performance with its RS232 or USB interface while enabling low power consumption.

This HF RFID reader is designed as a plug-and-play device in a user-friendly mode. Communicating with PC or PDA via a USB or RS232 interface, it can read and write RFID tags compliance with ISO14443A/B or ISO15693 protocol. And the small size makes it conveniently into a pocket.

13.56MHz Mifare RFID Reader Writer ideal for Access Control

DAILY RFID has recently launched 13.56MHz Mifare RFID Reader Writer, designed as a plug-and-play device with USB or RS232 Interface. It can be easily installed for access control application either indoor or outdoor environments.

The advanced proximity Mifare RFID reader can read and write multiple mifare tags, such as Mifare-One S50,Mifare-One S70, from distances of up to 10 cm (4 inches). And for convenience, it has Two-LED signal lamps for indication of standby search and data communications.

DAILY UHF RFID Reader can be customized from 860MHz to 960MHz

DAILY RFID(www.rfid-in-china.com), a leading manufacturer of RFID readers and RFID tags, has unveiled UHF RFID reader DL6820 with double antenna channels and long read range up to 10m.And it can be customized frequency-agile across the UHF RFID spectrum from 860MHz to 960MHz.

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