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RFID Reader with Passive Tag has Gradually Improved Parking Management

DAILY RFID has launched a series of RFID reader with passive tag which is commonly used in modern parking management. As a professional company´╝îDAILY is devoted to designing and manufacturing high- performance and cost-benefit RFID product which is popular in modern market.

Passive RFID Antenna Reader Actualizes Production Management Information-based and Automatic

Nowadays, the performance of passive RFID antenna has been more and more advanced and mature with the rapid development and wide application of RFID technology. And as an important role of RFID system, passive RFID antenna products (especially tag antenna and reader antenna) have played a key part in realizing the automation of data communication process.

Passive RFID Antenna-the Pivotal Part to Enforce RFID Operation Course

Basing on next generation RFID technology, the complete RFID identification system without RFID antenna can not be executed successfully. As we all know, modern passive RFID readers can read or write the tags and enforce the RFID operation course via passive RFID antenna reducing electromagnetic fields. Namely, the passive RFID antenna is the requisite tool to implement the precise RFID system. And DAILY RFID, the leading RFID products manufacturer and the RFID solutions provider, has released a series of RFID Readers with high-quality passive RFID antenna.

Passive RFID Reader DL810 offers fast read rate with high accuracy

DAILY RFID has released HF Passive RFID Reader DL810 for streamlining applications, such as in jewelry management and library management. Compliant with ISO 15693 passive RFID tags, the 13.56MHz HF reader is able to read multiple tags at a time with high accuracy.

The Passive RFID reader provides high reading ability and sensitivity for identifying objects. With advanced anti-collision algorithm, the HF RFID reader can identify many tags at a tremendous speed of up to 50pcs per second, thus allowing hundreds of the tagged items to be checked in a minute.

Passive RFID Reader with long read range up to 15 meters

DAILY RFID has released Passive RFID Reader DL920 with an industry reading range of up to 15m. The ultra-high frequency RFID Reader supports multi port interfaces, allows for easy data transmission and computer programming. Thus, it is well suited for a wide range of industrial scope.

Thanks to its outstanding performance, the passive RFID reader can exactly identify the objects along with its high reading rate. Operating at a frequency range of 860MHz to 960MHz, the long range reader is capable of reading hundreds of multi-directional tags simultaneously within one second.

Passive RFID Readers for Medium Range Read / Write

DAILY RFID has released a variety of Passive RFID Readers based on Passive RFID technology. Most of the RFID readers are targeted for indoor and outdoor applications, such as desktop RFID reader, handheld RFID reader.

Passive RFID readers are specially designed for Medium Applications. To locate passive rfid tag which functions without a battery, the passive RFID Reader provides a shorter read/write range, compare with the Active RFID Reader. And some of them can also promise multiple tag read, fast read rate while reducing the cost and time.

UHF Passive RFID Reader designed for long range applications

DAILY has released UHF Passive RFID Reader for long range applications with single, two or more antenna channels. The long range reader performs well in collecting, managing, and transferring of information data.

With Passive RFID technology, the UHF reader DL6820 can offer fast read rate, long read range and high accuracy. The passive RFID reader provides industry-leading dynamic range with typical read range up to 10 m. It is designed for ease of use, comfort and mobility.

125KHz RFID Proximity Reader for reading passive rfid tags

DAILY RFID has launched 125KHz RFID proximity reader-02 designed to read a variety of low frequency passive rfid tags, with a low price at 32 USD. This 125KHz reader is ideal for various applications such as industrial tracking, access control, time and attendance, supply chain management, etc.

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