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RFID Animal Tags from DAILY RFID Facilitate the RFID Livestock Tracking Process

Managing the livestock was one rather complicated thing long before the RFID Animal Tags were launched, there will be time consuming process and also costs increasing for the ranchers .In recent months, DAILY RFID, a rather professional Chinese RFID tags manufacture specialized in livestock tracking process, has come up with RFID Animal Tracking Kits, like RFID Animal Ear Tags, RFID animal foot rings and RFID tag princer to improve the efficiency of RFID Livestock tracking.

RFID Animal Ear Tag to simplify Animal Management

DAILY RFID has released hygienic RFID animal ear tag to make animal tracking automated and easier. It is of much importance to animal management, since it eliminates the need for paper work and preventing livestock from loss.

UHF mini Passive RFID Tag for Animal Tracking

DAILY RFID has recently released mini Passive RFID Tag, which operates in the UHF spectrum from 860MHz to 960MHz. With a small size and long reading distance, the passive RFID tag is suitable for animal tracking, such as dog, cat and pig, etc.

The Livestock RFID ear tag for cattle tracking

DAILY RFID has recently released the circular RFID Cattle Tag operating in either 125KHz or 134KHz frequency. It is designed to trace cattle in the automated management process, such as feeding, breeding practices, disease management and immunity.

With seal chips, the RFID cattle ear tags can automatically take record of the cattle’s lifecycle. While integrated into the RFID Livestock Systems, the tagged cattle’s information can be collected and tracked in real time, such as its feeding, location, vaccination, health history etc.

The Hygienic RFID Ear Tag for Animal Tracking

DAILY RFID has recently unveiled RFID ear tag operating in either 125KHz or 134KHz frequency. It is worn as a hygienic ear tag and suitable for animal tracking and livestock management.

The hygienic RFID ear tag is constructed from polyurethane, which material is used in healthcare and not easy for bacteria to grow. Therefore, these RFID ear tags can minimizes any chance of animal infection while deploying the RFID livestock tracking program.

The hygienic 134KHz RFID Tag for large animals unveiled

A recent report on RFID Animals Tracking Report released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture emphasized the importance of preventing infection when tracking systems using ear tags are deployed. In respond to above demands, DAILY RFID has recently unveiled hygienic RFID tag series for large animals to prevent any form of infection.

134.2KHz LF RFID Ear Tag is suited for cattle or pigs lifecycle tracking

DAILY RFID www.rfid-in-china.com has announced the launch of new LF(125KHz and 134.2KHz) RFID Ear Tags for animal tracking and management.The RFID ear tag is constructed from polyurethane,which is used in healthcare,specially for better control of livestock disease .

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