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RFID Jewelry Solution Makes Jewelry Inventory Management a Piece of Cake

Nowadays, it is of importance to seek for a great solution to grow jewelry business for jewelry stores in an increasing competitive jewelry market, DAILY RFID has newly released a credible RFID Jewelry Solution for easy and secure inventory management. By helping retailers to accurately track inventory and inventory costs, jewelry store inventory management solution can make the difference between a thriving store and barely surviving.

RFID Jewelry Solution Kit for Easy Jewelry Management

DAILY RFID has unveiled RFID Jewelry management solution kit for the optimization of the Jewelry supervision. This RFID kit is designed for RFID Jewelry Management to enable automatic stock taking and secured storing in the jewelry supply chain, especially in fast inventory tracking.

By utilizing advanced anti-collision algorithm, these RFID Jewelry kits enable fast tag processing speed of up to 50 pieces per second. Each RFID jewellery kit contains a HF RFID reader DL810, Antenna DL810, RFID jewelry tags, Reader Software and Dynamic Link Library for solution requirement.

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