Geohot rapped Sony's Playstation now works Facebook, go MyGreatFest 17.Sept. London

Sept 17th 2011, The Old Truman Brewery London

Ai Weiwei "Qu bao hou shen" in Cao Changdi Nr. 258

The official Xinhua news agency said late on Wednesday that Ai's poor health was a factor in his release decision. The brief report on state media said Ai had shown a "good attitude in confessing his crimes" and repeatedly pledged to pay taxes he owed. Ai did say, however, that he had lost "a lot of weight" while in detention.

Beijing's Global Times:

Internet sex, sexting, internet sexpartner, online mistress, times are changing.

Meagan Broussard, online mistress, 26 year old single mom, looking how to make cash and hit the jackpot. It's election time. Rep. Democrat Anthony Weiner's political future appears unclear as his fellow Democrat Nancy pursues an ethics probe into, whether he used congressional resources to send explicit photos to women online.

Students and scholars against corporate misbehavior - SACOM

Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior SACOM is a new nonprofit organization founded in Hong Kong in June 2005. SACOM released a report on Foxconn working conditions throughout China.

The visdom on Vienna's walls

Self reflection and critical discourse of some street folks, in Vienna.
In englishi meaning: No to vandalism is also no solution.

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