Viagra, Coca Cola, marihuana, pornography, terrorism, monetarism, sex, art and death.

A lot of sexual misfortune is happening after the Kill of Bin. The newest is that Walt Disney corporation bought the copyrights for NavySeals team 6. Arnold Schwarzenegger had an affair and child with an housemate.

The two sides, Osama and Obama, a rant and a rave, USA and China and why Geronimo is back?

The dollar has risen and commodity prices dropped. On mayday Obama announced that kill Binn, mastermind of 9/11, was as done deal, he was send by fast track to paradise. Getty images and Hollywood are on standby. The next generation of John Wayne's and Arnold's, looking for an upgraded remake, merging the scrips of black hawk down, die hard, the hurt locker into a new block buster.

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