UHF RFID Kit for Parking Control Systems

DAILY RFID has launched all-purpose UHF RFID Kit for RFID parking control system. It is targeted for parking areas or gated communities to use RFID technology to increase the efficiency and security, also to reduce cost.

Integrated with this RFID Kit, the RFID Parking Control system can offer hands-free, accurate access to gated communities and parking areas. For parking management such as access control, it can track automatically when the tagging vehicles move in or out.

Passive RFID On-Metal Tag Series for on metal Tagging

DAILY RFID has launched passive RFID On-Metal Tag Series, a kind of adhesive RFID on-metal Tags. The RFID tags are designed for close quarters checking, with high performance for on-metal tagging.

Operating at 125 KHz or 13.56 MHz, the RFID metal tags could be a good selection for industries that require tags to track products containing metal or directly on metal. And it can be easily affixed to any metal surface with its self-adhesive 3M Glue.

Pocket size RFID Handheld Readers for mobile solution

DAILY RFID unveiled its new series of RFID Handheld Readers/Writers for RFID mobile solution. These rugged handheld RFID Readers DL710 and DL720 have a smart combination of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPRS.

The two options of pocket-size RFID Handheld Reader available, an LCD touch screen interface or a standard keyboard, both feature WiFi, Bluetooth and GPRS capabilities. This enables high accuracy and convenience in information collection, management and wireless data transfer.

125KHz Desktop RFID Reader for Fast and Easy Integration

DAILY RFID has launched LF 125KHz RFID reader for integrated into Low Frequency proximity applications. The 125KHz Desktop RFID Reader is designed as a plug-and-play device features at reasonable cost with 32USD now.

The versatile 125KHz RFID reader is designed in a user-friendly way. Its credit card size fits conveniently into a pocket. Besides, it has Two-LED indication for standby search and data communications to make it easy to use.

High Frequency RFID Jewelry Tag for inventory tracking

DAILY RFID has launched High Frequency RFID Jewelry Tag for to market communities, secured storing and other areas. These clear rfid tags have robust potential for jewelry inventory tracking within 60cm(2 feet) read range.

The 13.56MHz RFID jewelry tag is specifically for the jewelry industry. By using RFID jewelry tag, it guarantees accurate traceability and quick inventory checks of jewellery items. And each RFID tag has two small holes for easy to attach to the jewelry items.

LF/ HF RFID Reader Module with multiple tag Capability

DAILY RFID has recently launched LF/HF RFID Reader Module. It is compatible with 125KHz or 13.56MHz frequency chips just like EM4001, TK4100, I-CODE, Mifare-Family.

The low-cost RFID reader module provides high performance and suitability. With high accurate identification ability, this RFID Reader module has a read range up to 100mm. And it has Two-LED indication for standby search and data communications to make it easy to use.

Low-Cost UHF RFID Tag for Harsh Environment

DAILY RFID has recently announced UHF RFID Tag for harsh environment, which can be easily integrated into many RFID projects, with low cost. The UHF Tags are available in ISO18000-6C(EPC Gen2) or 18000-6B version.

Designed to deliver optimum performance, the adhesive UHF RFID tag can be used directly on metal and liquid environment applications with its special material, while keeping a highly accurate tracking performance.

2.45GHz Active RFID Reader with high performance of inventory control

DAILY RFID has announced the 2.45GHz Long Range Active RFID Reader DL3800 with a long read range of up to 100m, specially designed for inventory management. This Active RFID Reader eliminates the need to make an inventory by individual scanning.

With one antenna connected externally, the 2.45GHz Active RFID Reader DL3800 can provide long read range up to 100m. And it can identify 100 pieces of tags at the same time under its anti-collision function.

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