RFID Document Management system available from DAILY

DAILY RFID has launched a RFID document management system for documents inventory management. This RFID document management system includes the needed passive rfid devices to realize documents automatically tracked throughout the file control process.

DAILY offers passive RFID Development Kits

DAILY RFID has recently announced a series of RFID Development kits to make it easier for developers and end users to develop, deploy and manage. The kits are designed as low-cost and easy-to-use development tools in a variety of RFID applications.

DAILY designs customized RFID reader for library systems

In reponse to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the library inventory process, DAILY has recently unveiled 13.56MHz multi-tag RFID Reader DL810 for library systems, integrated with a customized external antenna, so as to simplify the library items' check-in and check-out process.

RFID solution for hospitals launched by DAILY

In response to the considerable attention RFID has drawn to hospitals, especially in patient tracking solution, DAILY RFID has launched a hands-free RFID hospital patient managent solution for instant deployment in hospitals.

RFID in Hospital: RFID Patient Tracking Solution improves efficiency

As RFID has drawn considerable attention to hospitals, especially in patient tracking solution. In respond to the above demand, DAILY RFID has launched a cost-effective RFID patient tracking Kit for instant deployment in hospital.

DAILY unveils customized RFID Label

May 16, 2009 - RFID label is in the ascendant as a result of its long lifespan, easy use and most of all - its low cost, especially in supply chain management. DAILY RFID is excellent in producing and designing the RFID label, just like paper label, PVC label.

RFID Portable Reader DL8033 supports multiple tag protocols

DAILY RFID has recently unveiled 13.56MHz RFID Portable reader DL8033 designed for industrial and outdoor environments. This PDA based, RFID Portable reader supports mutliple tag protocols including ISO/IEC 14443A, 14443B and 15693 in the market.

passive RFID tags are suited for unlimited applications

Passive RFID tags are in the ascendant due to their low cost, long lifespan, and most of all - can be used in almost unlimited applications. DAILY RFID is an excellent producer and designer of the passive RFID tags, just like RFID wristbands and RFID jewelry tags.

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