DAILY's RFID wristband is suited for unlimited application

DAILY RFID has developed RFID Wristband series that are suited for unlimited application, such as healthcare environment, amusement parking and event. The RFID wristband is available in women, man or children size.

Passive RFID Asset Tracking Solution from DAILY RFID

DAILY RFID has released passive RFID Asset Tracking solution, designed to track and manage mobile and fixed assets through automatic asset tracking. It can automatically keep track of assets as they move in and out of an area, regardless of what type of items, such as document, library books and PCs.

RFID kit for various applications - from DAILY RFID

RFID kit is in the ascendant as a result of their easy-to-use and most of all – the compatibility of the whole set has been confirmed in applications. DAILY RFID has unveiled some RFID kits for various applications, just like jewelry management, car parking management, hospital management.

The high-quality RFID Labels reshape Supply Chain Management

The high-quality RFID labels are considered as an important element in RFID supply chain management. DAILY RFID has designed various adhesive RFID labels for supply chain management, some of which are available at around 0.32 USD per piece.

13.56MHz(HF) RFID handheld reader based on PDA design

DAILY RFID has recently unveiled 13.56MHz RFID Handheld reader DL8033 designed for industrial and outdoor environments. This PDA based, RFID Handheld reader brings a computer environment to cater for the requirement of RFID mobile solutions, with a low price at 810USD this month.

The customized RFID Antennas for RFID Reader

The RFID Reader Antennas can be a separate, attached component. And an external RFID Antenna can give a better signal range to RFID reader, so as to make tags to be read relatively far away. DAILY RFID has recently unveiled a customized HF RFID Antenna DL810 to cater for the above demands.

RR9036 HF RFID Reader(HF Reader-02) - from DAILY RFID

DAILY RFID, a Chinese leading producer of RFID readers and RFID tags, has recently launched RR9036 HF RFID reader(HF Reader-02) designed as a plug-and-play device for industrial and outdoor environments especially in process of writing data, with a low price at 58USD.

RR9201 HF RFID Reader (DL810) - from DAILY RFID

DAILY RFID has recently announced RR9201 HF Long Range RFID Reader(DL810), which has remarkable anti-interference ability and synchronized fuction, with a readability of up to 90cm.

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