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New Generation RFID Asset Tracking Solutions Presents a Near-perfect Management Mode to Asset Manager

As we all know, the advanced RFID Asset Tracking Solutions have always been expected by the asset managers in one place where asset tracking is particularly important. That is because traditional asset information had to need the manual record that was consuming time and increasing great costs. In recent months, DAILY RFID, a leading RFID products manufacturer, has released the new generation RFID Asset Tracking Solutions to help the organizations improve the asset management.

Latest Active RFID Asset Tracking System for Asset Management

DAILY RFID has released its latest active RFID asset tracking system to offer secure asset tracking in real time. This active RFID asset tracking system has combined RFID software to optimize RFID asset tracking in assets search and inventory processes.

This RFID asset tracking software system consists of a 2.4 RFID active reader, application software, 2.4GHz RFID active tags, and full SDK document and demo software for the reader. This active RFID asset tracking software system is designed with the following characteristics and advantages:

Smart RFID HF Label for Asset Tracking

DAILY RFID has come out with 13.56 MHz HF Smart Label-11 for asset tracking management, especially for marking luggage or other valuables at the station and airport. The smart HF RFID Labels can be used in a wide range of asset tracking applications, such as document tracking, library management, parcel tracking, etc.

2.4GHz Active RFID Reader DL580 for Asset Tracking

DAILY RFID has recently announced the launch of a 2.4GHz active RFID reader DL580 specially designed for easy asset tracking. This 2.4GHz RFID reader DL580 could be customized to operate from ISM 2.4GHz to 2.5GHz frequency version.

RFID Asset Management Solution for automatically Asset Tracking

DAILY RFID has released its latest RFID asset management system for the requirement of optimizing management for fixed assets. With this RFID asset tracking system, assets can be secured and tracked automatically as they move throughout the areas.

DAILY customizes RFID Asset Tracking solution device

Asset tracking is always on look out for cost-effective RFID solutions which can improve overall visibility. In order to cater for the demands, DAILY RFID has released RFID Asset Tracking solution, designed to track and manage mobile and fixed assets through automatic asset tracking.

Long range RFID reader DL810 for asset tracking

DAILY RFID has announced HF Long Range RFID Reader DL810 with read range up to 90cm to cater for most HF applications. In addition, this Long range RFID reader is suited for asset tracking since it featrues fast read rate up to 50 pcs per second.

RFID Asset Tracking System streamlines Asset management

As the importance of asset tracking in asset detection and utilization, DAILY RFID released a new RFID asset tracking system to cater for the requirement of asset optimizing management for mobile and fixed assets.

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