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RFID Smart Tags Make the Dream of Intelligent and Automatic Laundry Management Come True

With the booming of economy and advancement of RFID tech, RFID smart tag has become more and more mature and been gradually used into modern laundry and dry-cleaning industry. At present, RFID smart tags, by right of the high performance in simplifying the laundry process, has gained lots of praise and become the sought-after tools in laundry system. As people learned, the traditional laundry industry lacking in RFID smart tag mainly has often faced the following problems, including low efficiency, high error rate, difficult mismatching and so on.

RFID Smart Tags Expedite RFID Applications In Significant Measure

For the leading and prevalent RFID technology, RFID smart tags have turned up everywhere and effected greatly on the most challenging goods tracking and RFID managements with ideal traceability. Compared with bygone RFID smart tags, the latest and low cost RFID smart tags have more advanced performance, unique design and longer read range, which represent a big breakthrough in asset or other products tracking for hazardous areas.

RFID Smart Tags for Traceability Expedite the Pace of Hospital Modernization Management

As people see, RFID smart tags for traceability have been doing startlingly well in the up-to-date hospitals. In retrospect, those hospitals, lack of RFID smart tags for traceability, often faced the stumbling block, including inaccurate and unresponsive positioning, low-efficiency tracking and the safe monitoring of patients.

RFID Smart Tags Developed for Traceability Drive Retail Inventory Management into the Ideal Level

In this new century, improving retail distribution and eliminating counterfeiting is the key point to fulfill the complete inventory management and gain great margins. And RFID smart tags developed for real-time traceability are indispensable to RFID retail inventory management, especially in clothing management and asset management. DAILY RFID, the leading RFID manufacturer, has released RFID smart tag series for traceability to control high-value consumer goods from manufacturing through distribution to point of sale.

RFID Smart Labels from DAILY RFID – Man Friday of Access Control Applications

Recently, DAILY RFID, a leading manufacturer of professional RFID technology products, has launched a series of RFID Smart Labels to assist companies in asset and item tracking, such as RFID Smart Label-11, RFID Label-07, and RFID tiny tag-01, etc. Importantly, these RFID Smart Labels make it easier for companies to automate access control processes via enhancing the management of tracked items and streamlining the workflow and operations. Through RFID Smart Labels from DAILY RFID, users can lower operation cost and risk, and then improve work efficiency and profits.

DAILY’s RFID Smart Labels—the Highly Effective Means to Automatic RFID Library Management

In the past, the books tracking lacking RFID Smart Labels with advanced RFID Technology and strong capability of identification was a big headache and brought lots of time and costs waste to library management. As luck would have it, DAILY RFID, the leading RFID products manufacturer, has released a series of new generation RFID Smart Labels to address the challenging problem above. Facilitating library management immensely, these cost-effective RFID Smart Labels are seamless RFID solutions to track the movement of books.

Adhesive RFID Smart Labels from DAILY for Streamlining Asset Management Process

Nowadays many kinds of event tracking management, like document tracking, parcel tracking and library management will be conducted well via the adhesive RFID Labels. As a rather professional manufacture specialized in RFID tags and readers for many years in China, DAILY RFID has unveiled a series of Adhesive RFID Smart Labels with different types to carry out asset tracking. For the smallest tiny tag, it is especially designed for access control applications where small size tracking is required.

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