rfid traceable tags

RFID Smart Tags for Traceability Expedite the Pace of Hospital Modernization Management

As people see, RFID smart tags for traceability have been doing startlingly well in the up-to-date hospitals. In retrospect, those hospitals, lack of RFID smart tags for traceability, often faced the stumbling block, including inaccurate and unresponsive positioning, low-efficiency tracking and the safe monitoring of patients.

RFID Smart Tags Developed for Traceability Drive Retail Inventory Management into the Ideal Level

In this new century, improving retail distribution and eliminating counterfeiting is the key point to fulfill the complete inventory management and gain great margins. And RFID smart tags developed for real-time traceability are indispensable to RFID retail inventory management, especially in clothing management and asset management. DAILY RFID, the leading RFID manufacturer, has released RFID smart tag series for traceability to control high-value consumer goods from manufacturing through distribution to point of sale.

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